AirBnb your house to pay for your family trip.

Traveling with four kids can be hard work! Packing four bags, remembering pull-ups, diapers, swim suits, changes of clothes for every day plus emergencies, pajamas, underwear, toothbrushes, toiletries, shoes for every activity…. don’t forget packing for yourself and hubby, finding a place for the dog while you’re gone, getting the house in order for your return, someone to feed the cat…. oh and it’s going to cost a fortune for this adventure you worked so hard for.

To mitigate the costs for trips like our most recent one to Great Wolf Lodge we list our house on AirBnB. It’s simple to do, just download the AirBnB App, answer some questions, walk around and take attractive pictures of your house and describe the living arrangements for your guests-to-be. The app helps you decide your pricing, and is very user-friendly.

Before you know it you will be receiving requests from people who want to stay at your house for their vacation or business trip, to prepare for a wedding they’re attending near you, to get away for the weekend from their own house, etc. you can accept or decline them quickly and easily using just your phone. I don’t accept guest unless they have previously stayed with Airbnb hosts and have good reviews. I’m looking for previous hosts that say things like, “The Johnsons took great care of our home and left it cleaner than they found it. They were friendly and communicative and we would welcome them back!” If I see that kind of review and I have availability for the dates requested, I accept the request.

Auston and I then get to choose where we want to go while our home is occupied. This last time we went to Great Wolf Lodge. We booked the dates, made sure the house was in perfect condition (this means we start work a few days in advance on laundry, mopping, stocking toilet paper and coffee) and when the date arrives we hit the road for our adventure.

While we are gone our guests check in by using the key safe I bought on Amazon, they feed the cat for us, and I get an email from Airbnb telling me to expect my payment to arrive in my bank account within the next few days!

It’s fun and it forces us to book trips we might easily make excuses to not book otherwise due to the expense. It’s a huge bonus to come home to a spotless house. Knowing we have paying guests arriving forces us to hit our “perfect house goal” before we leave on our trip and we have always had guests leave our home better than they found it.

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