This Year, Resolve To Do The Real Work!

I start every new year, every new month, every week, every day, sometimes even every hour with resolve. My mind becomes inflamed with an idea, a dream, a goal and I get super motivated. It could be to save more money, to get into better shape, to be a better wife, a better mom, home maker, meal prepper, school board member, toddler potty trainer, the list is infinite. And because we are living in 2019, I think of what I want to accomplish, I pick up my phone, and I look on Amazon for something I can BUY to get started. I find just the perfect thing every time! Maybe a family game we can play to help get more quality time, maybe a new exercise plan and equipment for my fitness goals, maybe some food containers to get me meal prepping. Next I will hop over to Pinterest and start a new board on the subject. I’ll get full to the brim of ideas and pictures of what I can accomplish and how to do it. And then, I so often put phone away, flush with a sense of accomplishment believing I have started the journey to my new goal and then….. I forget all about it!


Please, tell my I am not alone in this! I can think back over the years, even over the last week and realize I have done the easy part of the work- the dreaming, the planning, the shopping, and the buying for the dream, but I so often can forget to do the real work!

This literally happened just last week. I was talking with my sister-in-law about potty training my youngest daughter, Lola. She is SO CLOSE to being diaper free but we just can’t make the connection with her that when her big girl undies are on, that’s not a diaper for her to pee in. So we brainstormed and laughed about the trials of potty training (we both have four kids now) and came up with the idea to try some plastic underwear over her big girl undies so that she will feel the difference and I won’t have to clean up so much mess as she learns. So, I went on Amazon right then and there and ordered two pairs for 4.99 and free shipping. Problem solved right? Well, they arrived last week and have been sitting in the bathroom cupboard, unopened since and Lola is toddling around in diapers again. 

Care for an example that is even more embarrassing? A few years ago we got super fired up about getting debt free. So I bought the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University kit. It was like $200 and I thought that because it was such a big investment, I was pretty much over halfway to my goal to financial freedom. We watched maybe one DVD, never opened the book. The whole kit has moved three times with us and is currently sitting on the bookshelf in the guest room.


Maybe you do this as well. If so, it’s not something to berate yourself over. It just means you can join me in resolving to do the hard part of the work to reach your goals and your dreams. Determine right now that this is your day, your week, your month, your year to take the steps that hurt and are tough to do in order to finally accomplish the goals and not just to start the journeys again.

I have had some success already and it is helping to fuel success in other areas. I started working out three times a week at the gym a while back and finally started seeing the changes I had been hoping to see for years but was never willing to commit to the work before.

I have also started focusing on downsizing belongings, getting rid of junk and unnecessary things, spending less money on eating out and turning the groceries I so love to buy into meals that we all really love to eat. The successes build upon each other and give me determination to conquer the next objective and I am loving learning to do the work and not just the dreaming. I am holding myself accountable to my own dreams and promises and trying to be aware of what I want and what I have to do to get there.

Happy New Year to you !


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  1. Amalia Stevens says:

    YES!! I do this all the time! Thanks for the reminder to DO the WORK!!! Action, movement, energy!!!

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