I confess! I’m a Target-loving Mama, and here’s why.

In need of diapers and malt-o-meal, we plan our monthly- er, my bank account is showing weekly trip to Target. We all get dressed, all children are even wearing shoes, and at least three out of four have had their hair brushed. We find that shady parking space way far away from the entrance because I gotta get my step count in today.  We load up that red cart and wheel through those magical automated doors.

Inside is Mama’s Disneyland. All the necessities plus all the extra things we don’t need but love to look at and dream about. New outfits, shoes, makeup, books, Nintendo games to try, food and snacks, cleaning supplies that smell and look so good, home decor directly from Joanna Gaines herself! What could be better? Oh, but now my kids are all begging for this play dough set, that bouncy ball, new tooth brushes, and a special juice box and goldfish….

I love my trips to Target. I am sure that when my kids are grown up and gone away living their wonderful lives, I will nostalgically walk the isles of Target and remember the wonderful times we had exploring and finding just the perfect little extra thing that wasn’t on the list of necessities but blessed us in some special way.  

I don’t want to forget the fun times I have with my kids just because it’s a shopping trip to a simple store. I know in my heart that it’s something I look forward to and if I keep within my budget and plan ahead, we are making good memories doing  even the mundane parts of motherhood. 

And maybe that’s one of the secrets to loving motherhood and thriving rather than surviving. Learning to enjoy the simple tasks, the ones we do over and over again every day, week, and month. The grocery trips, meal preps, tidying up, stories together, Disney Jr. episodes, trampoline jumping and wandering around the yard. So much of motherhood is simple and monotonous but there is joy and so much learning and love to be had together with children if we can just remember to be present and thankful for it.


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